DIY vs Tax Preparer

Thinking about using Turbo Tax or one of the other boxed do-it-your-self software’s to do your taxes.  This is something you need to really think about before you use one of those products.

Should you use tax preparation software to prepare your return?

  • It guarantees you a pretty return.
  • It means the arithmetic is correct.
  • It does not guarantee the accuracy of the return.
  • It does not explain any new tax law that will affect the correctness of your current tax return or assist you in your 2015 tax planning strategy.
  • The program will not make a suggestion as to what may be the best position for your current or prior year’s tax return.
  • It cannot read the expression on your face and know when you don’t understand something.
  • The computer in front of you doesn’t have a brain. It deals with the facts presented to it. It can’t point out a deduction you overlooked.
  • Will the IRS add “Self-prepared Return” to the list of abatement of penalty excuses for erroneously prepared tax returns?
  • Your tax return will only be prepared as fast as you can figure it out.
  • A professional can usually zip through a return. You may spend a long time struggling though all the forms – and then end up overlooking a few deductions or credits.
  • It cannot discuss or remind you that your refund, if anticipated before the due date of your taxes, could be used for an IRA.

It’s your choice – a cheap program or a tax preparer who’ll give you more than you expected.

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